31 January 2015

Welcome to the Rum Diary

This is our rum diary. An account of our thoughts, our memoirs of distillation if you will. A road map of where we've been and where we are going.

At Black Squirrel we strive to do what others aren't. Doing so isn't easy. It isn't cheap. It takes a little longer. And ultimately requires a little more patience. But good things ultimately come to those that wait.

We believe that truly unique products are the foundation of the art of fine cocktails. We believe in quality over quantity. In the walk over the talk. We won't be everything to everyone, but what we are is ourselves. We promise hand crafted products selected at only the highest of quality.  We promise craft as much as the experience. We promise to be a group of individuals dedicated to the craft of distilling, focusing on innovation, honoring tradition. 

So pour a glass of Black Squirrel straight or on the rocks (I suppose mixers are acceptable) and follow our rum diary. We promise one hell of a ride.