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Black Squirrel Distillery releases Mapleshine

Buffalo Rising
Original Publication Date: 
Saturday, July 18, 2015

Black Squirrel Distillery has come up with its latest spirits offering – Mapleshine. The craft spirit is along the lines of moonshine, and is made from New York State sourced maple syrup. By developing the product, using a NYS indigenous ingredient, Black Squirrel continues to capitalize on a new class* of spirit, which varies from many of the competing spirits on the market.

The unaged spirit is the second product offering launched by the distillery – the first offering released was a rum style spirit that also uses New York State sourced maple (using a copper pot still and aged in oak).

“We continue our tradition of innovation with the release of Mapleshine, yet another product that we meticulously ferment and distill by hand at our facility,” said partner Jason Schwinger.

“As a New York Farm Distillery, our goal is to create high quality spirits using New York State agricultural products—in this case maple syrup from local producers,” adds co-founder Matthew Pelkey.